Team Apparel Program

Team Apparel Program (T.A.P.) delivers:

  • In Style Garments – T.A.P. garments are popular current trends, very comfortable, and many of them can be worn anywhere!! (look around every day is causal Friday).
  • Popular Designs – We know that designs matter. A.P. designs are custom & cool.  We also believe sometimes a simple one color look is what people want (look on college campuses).
  • Individual Orders – All T.A.P orders arrive individually packaged per athlete (no frustrating parent sorting parties here)
  • Show Me The Money – T.A.P. has the most aggressive and unique compensation in the industry!
  • – Just kidding we’re not but we do want to meet you! Every T.A.P. has a LTS Team Member that facilitates the entire process (almost like